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Flowers, Gift Plants Delivered
Boston, Massachusetts


As a Plant Lover myself, I picked out some of the greatest gift plants, flowers and baskets for delivery that I could find. I would love to have any or all of these myself so I am sure the Plant Lover in your life will love them too!

That special person would love a pretty Peace Lily, a gorgeous white Orchid, an Azalea basket, a great dishgarden or a beautiful Asiatic Lily gift basket. Brought to you in affiliation with, great products at great prices from a name you can trust. I have ordered with before and have been very happy with the products and service.

All sales made through links on this website help to keep this website up and running. Thanks for your support and if you need some advice caring for your houseplants or have any plant care questions, please visit, I look forward to hearing from you! Happy gardening and growing...

House plant care questions or problems? You can send a houseplant question, free of charge, no sign ups, registration or log in required!

Before you send an indoor plant care question, please be sure to read this information on watering your indoor house plants, how to help keep your house plant's root system healthy and lighting for your houseplants. These are most important for your house plant's health and this is some of the information I will refer you to when you send a house plant or flower question.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon as plant care information, pictures and more are being added all of the time. I hope that your indoor tropical plants and all of your plants and flowers are happy, green and growing because that is why I started this indoor, house plant care website,

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