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Most plants that we care for indoors are tropical plants. That means for our plants to really blossom, we must create an atmosphere as close to their natural tropical environment as possible. A greenhouse provides an easy, fun and inexpensive way to give your houseplants the perfect environment in which to grow and thrive.

Greenhouse Plants Greenhouse Plants

An interior plant care professional for many years, I would often bring old, worn out plants home to revive. They would do okay inside the house but I soon ran out of space to keep them. A small greenhouse was the perfect solution and my plants did much better with the additional light and humidity. I could get the plants into excellent condition in the greenhouse and move them into my home when they were ready.

Flowering houseplants that no longer have blooms will actually flower in a greenhouse. You can even grow your own organic food all year long.

Buy Greenhouses

If you are like me, when you go to the home improvement store you are drawn to the greenhouse area. I love the feeling of being in a greenhouse, whether I am there to buy plants or just enjoying the peace, quiet and greenery at a local botanical garden.

Build a Greenhouse Books-Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouses are available in a vast range of sizes and prices so they are affordable for many people. If you are handy at building, you can put one together at an even smaller expense. You will just need a weekend to spend on the construction. A sturdy frame, some heavy duty plastic and corrugated fiberglass sheets are about all you will need.

Other than the original cost of buying or building a greenhouse, other expenses will need to be considered. If you live in an area that has below freezing temperatures for an extended period of time, you will either need to supply a source of heat or remove tropical and tender plants to a warmer location during colder seasons. In very hot areas, venting and fans may be needed in the summer months.

Greenhouse Plants Care

Additional heating or cooling may not be needed in some areas but your greenhouse should have proper ventilation for good air flow. A warm greenhouse will be kept above 60° Farenheit and a cool greenhouse will be not less than 45° Farenheit.

Most tropical houseplants should be kept in a warm greenhouse. There are some that may tolerate cooler temperatures if they are slowly acclimated to them.

Remember that plants kept in a hot, high light greenhouse will need more frequent watering and care than their indoor counterparts.

When you have finished the job of caring for your plants and if your greenhouse is large enough, you can add a chaise lounge and a glass of tea to have the perfect place to relax, surrounded by all of your lovely plants. You may even be able to get that tan you have always wanted!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon as plant care information, pictures and more are being added all of the time. I hope that your tropical indoor plants and all of your plants and flowers are happy, green and growing because that is why I started this site

Strawberry Smartpot

If you have indoor plant questions you can send a plant question or visit the PlantAndFlowerInfo blog for interior plant questions and answers, to post your own comment or questions or share some of your indoor plant wisdom with others. Visit the website Facebook Page or Google+ Page, also great places to post comments and questions! Thanks again...

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