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Tropical Plant and Flower Links


Botanical Gardens, Plant Places to Visit

  • Bellagio Hotel Conservatory and Botanical Gardens - A beautiful, botanical display located at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens-Florida - Some of the best beaches in the world are here in Sarasota, Florida. While you are enjoying the beaches and Sarasota, stop in at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. A wonderful place for any plant lover to visit. The staff at the Selby Gardens are wonderful too!
  • Lyon Arboretum-Hawaii - If you visit the island of Oahu, Hawaii, be sure to take a trip to the Lyon Arboretum in the Manoa Valley. It is absolutely breathtaking! Be ready to devote at least an entire day to explore the arboretum and nearby waterfalls.
  • San Antonio Botanical Garden - Travelling in Texas this year? If you are in the Lone Star State, you will find lots of things to do. Going to San Antonio to visit the Alamo or stroll down Riverwalk? Add the San Antonio Botanical Garden to your list of things to do. I love it and so will you!
  • KoKo Crater Botanical Gardens-Hawaii - This out of the way botanical garden is a great day trip. Nestled inside the Koko Crater, the garden has a beautiful grove of plumeria, many types of bougainvillea and other plants from all over the world. Hike the rim of the crater, if you dare!
  • Waimea Valley Botanical Garden-Hawaii - Watch surfers on the North Shore and see beautiful tropical plants at Waimea Valley Botanical Garden.
  • United States Botanic Garden-Washington DC - There is so much to do in Washington DC! The Smithsonian, art museums, the National Mall. Whatever else you do, make sure to visit the United States Botanic Garden, you will never want to leave.

Other Plant Care Information Resources

  • Desk Plants That Don't Need Sunlight - Here is a list of some indoor plants that you can grow on your desk, in office or home, that do not need sunlight. These are easy to care for, attractive desk plants.
  • Bonsai Tree Care - Have a new bonsai tree or plant but don't know how to care for it, where to place it or how and when to water your bonsai? Here are some helpful tips on bonsai care, especially meant for bonsai beginners!
  • Orchids - Care Sales Information - Santa Barbara Orchid Estate has a wonderful collection of orchids for sale, orchid care information and other interesting orchid facts and information.
  • Christmas Cactus Plant - How to care for your gift Christmas Cactus so that you can enjoy the beautiful blooms next holiday season.
  • DMOZ Gardening, Plants - DMOZ open directory project references internet information related to many things, including home gardening, plants and, of course, house plants!
  • Interior Design - Why Plants? - Article about reasons for using indoor tropical plants in your interior design.
  • Ted TV - How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air - This video with Kamal Meattle tells you how indoor plants helped to improve his health by "growing" fresh air with indoor, air-cleaning plants.
  • Plant & Flower Essential Oils - Many plants and their flowers and other plant parts can be used to make essential oils. Each has different uses and they are becoming more popular for everyday use. I use Eucalyptus oil to add to my indoor plant cleaning solution each day at work. Explore uses for these plant and flower essential oils.
  • Silk-Artificial Plants Flowers - Sometimes there is just not enough light in certain areas to support a live indoor plant. In an area with very low light, an artificial or silk plant or flower may be needed. Nearly Natural has great artificial flowers and plants.
  • Bonsai Empire - Read about the origins of bonsai and the basics of starting your own bonsai.
  • Learn About Types of Roses From The Blog - "With over 150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids, roses can be found in nearly every color and a variety of shapes. To show you just how expansive the rose family is, we created a compendium of popular garden roses containing over 100 different types of blooms." - FTD Blog

Just For Fun, Plant Crossword Puzzles

  • Plant Crossword Puzzle - Have some puzzling house plant fun with a few indoor plant themed crossword puzzles. Test your house plant knowledge!
  • New Plant Crossword Puzzle - Have some more puzzling house plant fun with a new indoor plant themed crossword puzzle.

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Indoor Plants Names & Care

Adiantum Fern  Aechmea Fasciata  Aglaonema Plant  Aglaonema Silver Queen  alocasia Anthurium Plant Care  amaranthus Amate  Aphelandra  Arboricola Plant  Araucaria  Arrowhead Plant  asparagus Aspidistra  Asplenium Nidus  astilbe aucuba azalea

begonia beaucarnea beloperone bertolonia Birds Nest Fern  Boston Fern  Bougainvillea Pictures  bonsai Bromeliads  Bromeliad Aechmea  Butterfly Plant  cactus caladium calathea calliandra Cast Iron Plant  Cattleya Orchids  Chinese evergreen  Chlorophytum  Christmas Cactus Plant  cissus Croton Plant Care  coleus coccoloba Codiaeum Variegatum  columnea coffea conifers Cordatum  Dendrobium Orchids  Devil's Ivy Plant  Dieffenbachia  dipladenia dizygotheca Dracaena  Dracaena "Corn Plant"  Dracaena Marginata  Dracaena Massangeana  Dragon Tree  Dumb Cane  Elephant Ear Plant  English ivy  eucharis Euphorbia Pulcherrima  Ferns  Ficus  Fittonia  Goosefoot Plant 

Variegated Ivy Plant Leaves

Heart Leaf Philodendron  Hedera helix  Hedera Ivy  hebe heliconia hibiscus hoya Indoor Palm Plant Care  Indoor plants  Janet Craig  jasmine Joseph's Coat  kohleria kalanchoe Lady Palm  Madagascar Dragon Tree  Maidenhair Fern  Marble Queen Pothos  Marginata  maranta mimosa Moth Orchid Care musa monstera Mother-in-Laws Tongue  myrtus Nephthytis  Nephrolepis Fern  Norfolk Island Pine  nertera nicodemia Orchids  osmanthus

Variegated House Plant Leaves

Painted Net Leaf  Palms  Parasol Plant  Peace lily  pellargonium  pentas  peperomia  Phalaenopsis Orchid  Philodendron Cordatum  Philodendron Silver  pilea pittosporum plant chinese evergreen Plants Charlotte NC  plectranthus polyscias Pothos  plumbago plumeria podocarpus Poinsettia  pteris rhoeo rosa Rhapis Excelsa Palm  Sansevieria  Schefflera  Silver Queen  Snake Plant  Care of Spider Plant  strelitzia  streptocarpus  succulents  Sanseveria  Spathiphyllum  Syngonium Podophyllum  viburnum  Warneckii  Water Orchids  Water Spider Plants  Weeping Fig  yucca  Zebra Plant

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