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Fittonia Plant Care
House Plants & Flowers


If you walk into your neighborhood greenhouse or house plant retailer and you see a Fittonia plant, you will want to have it in your collection of indoor plants. It is an attractive, creeping plant with either red, pink or white veins throughout the leaf and hairy stems.

House plant Fittonia albivenis


Other common names are Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant or Painted Net Leaf. The larger leaf varieties can be difficult to grow and require a warm, humid environment. The dwarf variety, Fittonia argyroneura nana, is less demanding and may have a better chance at surviving the average household conditions.

House plant questions or problems? I would be happy to answer any houseplant questions as I can. Free of charge, no sign-ups required!

You can send a house plant question but before you do, please finish reading this page, this information on watering your indoor house plants, how to help keep your indoor house plant's root system healthy and lighting for your house plants. These are most important for your house plant's health and this is some of the information I will refer you to when you send an email.

This attractive plant is great paired up with other plants in a dishgarden layered with moss. This is a good option for raising the humidity, while creating an attractive display. Keep the moss moist by misting. The moist moss and additional plants will increase the humidity.

Fittonia Plant Care, How To Water

Keep potting mix slightly moist watering when the soil dries down about 1/4 to 1/2 of its depth. Do not let Fittonia dry completely as it may wilt dramatically. Water immediately if this happens and place in a shaded, cool spot until it revives. Please see sections on watering indoor house plants and lighting for your house plants to help keep your plants healthy.

Other Fittonia Plant Care

A native plant of the South American rain forests, Fittonia thrives in a somewhat moist, humid environment. You might want to try growing in a terrarium to keep the moisture levels higher. If that is not possible, try a humidity tray and group with other indoor house plants.

My Fittonia plant is the larger, pink variety. Kept in a bathroom with no windows, it has a humid environment. Fittonia really benefit from extra humidity.

Fittonia will do well under artificial lighting alone. A combination of incandescent and sunlamp have kept my Fittonia plant growing and happy. I leave these lights on for a minimum of eight hours everyday. It has done quite well and, to my delight, recently put out its tiny flowers, which lasted quite some time. It must enjoy the environment!

Temperatures for Fittonia should be kept above 65° F with 55° F the absolute minimum. Keep out of hot, direct sun. Bright diffused light is best for Fittonia.

A creeping plant, Fittonia can become very sparse as it grows. Cutting back stems in the spring will help rejuvenate the plant and encourage new growth as will pinching back new leaves occasionally throughout the growing season. Under the proper conditions, Fittonia will bear small white flowers.

Fittonia verschaffeltii House Plant


Indoor house plant care questions? You can send an indoor house plant question or visit the PlantAndFlowerInfo blog for interior plant questions and answers, to post your own comment or questions or share some of your indoor plant wisdom with others. Visit the Facebook Page or Google+ Page, also great places to post comments and questions!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon as plant care information, pictures and more are being added all of the time. I hope that your indoor tropical plants and all of your plants and flowers are happy, green and growing because that is why I started this site

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